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Back in NS

Yesterday I drove from Charlottetown PEI to Annapolis Royal Nova Scotia. Will spend a couple of weeks here before returning home to Georgia.  Staying in my cabin.  It is pretty rustic but has the essentials; a roof that doesn’t leak, a bed, electricity, and running water. The facilities are down the path.  The lake is in the front yard when I need to cool off.  It is so peaceful and relaxing here.  This is where I was born and grew up; its home #1; Georgia is home #2.

This coming weekend the town of Annapolis Royal will be celebrating Natal Day, the celebration of its establishment in 1605. Looking forward to a fun weekend.

The cabin is in a pretty rural area and Internet access is a bit sketchy; I will try to do regular posts, we shall see how it goes.

Lazy Day

Yesterday was pretty much a lazy day.  Cloudy and cool with wind.  So I spent the afternoon at the movie theater watching the movie Dunkirk. Wow, very moving. It is hard to even imagine the horrors our relatives went through in the 2nd world war.

Ended the afternoon back at Churchill Arms pub.  A pint of Keith’s ale and a really good meal of fish and chips was a perfect end to a lazy day.

Today is our last day in PEI.  Tomorrow we drive to our cabin in Nova Scotia.  We will be there for a couple of weeks before heading home to Georgia.

Cavendish Beach

Went to Cavendish beach PEI yesterday. It was a little bit too cool for swimming. Air temp 71 deg F water temp 64 deg F and an onshore breeze.  I also saw a couple of jelly fish. So I just went wading. Not a lot of people on the beach. Normally in July the beach would be crowded but I guess the weather kept some people away. The previous day was warm and sunny; I picked the wrong day to go to the beach.

Looking east

A view to the east from the boardwalk.

West view

A view to the west from the boardwalk

Another Wednesday

It is Wednesday in the 2nd week of my 2 week vacation in Prince Edward Island, Canada.  Yesterday was pretty uneventful. Visited in-laws for the afternoon.  I enjoyed the visit very much but it makes for a boring topic on this blog. The weather was a lot cooler than it was during my first week here so, not a good beach day.  I hope to get a warmer day later in the week so that I can visit Cavendish beach for a dip in the ocean before I leave he island.

Next week I will be going to Nova Scotia for a couple weeks. Then it will be back home to Georgia. I hope to catch a view of the parade of tall ships while I am in Nova Scotia. This is a gathering of historical wooden sailing ships from all over the world. The history of wooden sailing ships is integral to the history of Nova Scotia.

Stompin Tom

I visited the new Stompin Tom Connors Centre in Skinners Pond Prince Edward Island, Canada yesterday. Stompin Tom is an iconic Canadian country singer. Skinners Pond was his boyhood home.

Stompin Tom Centre

The museum is built between his boyhood home and the one room schoolhouse he attended.

Welcome Sign

The centre just opened on July 1 this year (Canada Day) the 150th anniversary of Canada’s confederation.

Charles Thomas “Stompin’ Tom” Connors, (February 9, 1936 – March 6, 2013) was a Canadian country and folk singer and songwriter. Stompin Tom wrote more than 300 songs and has released four dozen albums, with total sales of nearly 4 million copies. Three of his best-known songs are Sudbury Saturday Night, Bud the Spud, and The Hockey Song.
Bud the Spud commemorates the potato industry in Prince Edward Island.

Similar to Hank Williams Jr’s “Monday Night Football Song”

Stompin Tom”s “The Hockey Song”

was played before games in the National Hockey League.

You can find more information on Stompin Tom on Wickipedia at

Charlottetown Stroll

Yesterday afternoon I took a stroll around downtown Charlottetown PEI, Canada. Charlottetown is where the founding fathers met in 1867 to form the country of Canada, referred to as the confederation of Canada.  Before that is was British territory. The big difference between the forming of Canada and the forming of the US was that the confederation of Canada was accomplished without killing anybody.

Following are some random pictures That I snapped as I was walking around town.

Kent Street

A view down Kent Street

Confederation Centre of the arts.

Confederation Centre of the Arts. And no,that is not a typo, Centre is the correct Canadian spelling. This is the centre for live theater including the famous musical “Anne of Greene Gables”

Queen Street

A view down Queen Street.

Water Front

The Water Front. This is a great gathering spot on a sunny summer day. Lots of shopping and dining in this area.

St. Dunstan's Basilica Cathedral

St. Dunstan’s Basilica Cathedral. A very impressive Catholic church. The current stone structure was rebuilt in 1916 after a fire.

The Gahan House

The Gahan House a brew pub on Sydney Street

Churchill Arms

And I finished my stroll with a pint at the Churchill Arms, a British style pub on Queen street.

Non Gender Specific Restrooms

First let me define the terms used for the room with the “facilities”. At home, the term seems to be “bathroom” in both US and Canada. In public places the term varies. Where I live in Georgia (USA) you look for the sign “restrooms” when you need to go. In Canada (at least on the east coast where I grew up) you look for the “washrooms” sign. In this post I will use the term “restroom”.

Recently, in the US there has been a political struggle on who can mandate where you go when you have to go. As society has progressed, the segment of society that we shower our politically correctness on revolves from oppressed group to oppressed group. In a rush to see who could be the most politically correct with the latest minority in vogue, the LGBT (or LGBTQ) community, the state and federal governments where I live (Georgia) have been locked in battle over who can mandate where you can go when you have to go; particularly in schools. The state passed legislation mandating that people must use the restroom based on the gender stated on their birth certificate. The Obama government immediately stepped up and declared that stance to be illegal. And so we go through lengthy court battles through multiple layers of the court system, wasting taxpayer dollars, because neither state or federal governments will compromise. I have lost track of where the legal battle stands at this time. Anyway, so far I have never been asked to present my birth certificate before I could pee in a public restroom

At the time this all started, I stated that I believed that the only possible solution would be to make restrooms non gender specific so everyone could choose where to go. My friends thought that was a crazy idea. Otherwise the politicians and courts will be wasting time and money on this issue for years to come. It appears that some places outside the US have decided to solve the issue before it becomes an issue.

Yesterday I was at the Charlottetown Mall in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada. I felt the call of nature and saw the washroom sign with an arrow pointing down the hall. Down the hall were 2 washrooms, as you would expect, but both were marked “Men and Women”. No gender specific restrooms here. So, are both genders sharing the room simultaneously? No, this is not European style yet. Each room is a single user room; one sink and one toilet. You choose whichever room in vacant. When you go in and lock the door behind you, a green “occupied” indicator appears above the handle. Seems Canada, at least at some public locations, have chosen to address the problem without benefit of government meddling. Of course Canadians are always politically correct to the extreme.