Heading Home to Canada

I have been a bit slow in doing regular updates to my blog because I am on vacation. On July 10 I left Georgia to drive to Portland Maine to take the ferry (The Cat) to Yarmouth Nova Scotia Canada. Here is a selfie of Donna and I on the ferry.

I must admit some shame in posting this. I always felt that selfies were only for immature teenagers; and the Prime Minister of Canada. However I must admit that this is my 3rd or 4th one. Its an epedimic; I am so embarrassed.



Spending 4 weeks visiting with friends and family in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Arrived in Yarmouth late on Thursday 11.

Canada Customs and Immigration was fairly uneventful. However, I learned yet another quirk of Canadian law with regards to American cars. I live in Georgia and drive a car registered in Georgia, USA. I live in the US with Permanent Resident status (Green Card). I am a Canadian citizen and travel with a Canadian passport. When the immigration officer saw my Canadian passport and my Georgia license plates (tags) he started asking lots of questions about my US status. He explained that it is illegal for Canadian citizens to drive US owned cars in Canada. The exception is if you live permanently in the US. So, without my Green Card I would have been barred from driving my own car in Canada. I believe this is one of Canada’s many protectionist laws to give artificial advantages to Canadian businesses. For example they do not want Canadians renting cars in the US and driving them in Canada, instead they must rent from Canadian rental agencies. This is particularly poignant today since the Canadian news shows are all abuzz with stories of President Trump’s announcement that he wants to repeal the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA). Canada wants the keep the protection that it provides for Canadian goods shipped to the US. They believe firmly in “one way” trade protections. ie US should provide concessions for Canadian businesses but Canadians need not give the same concessions to US businesses.