Port of Digby

The Port of Digby is referred to as “the Scallop Capital of the World”. It’s scallop fishing fleet is the largest inshore scallop fleet in the world. The famous Digby scallop is shipped world-wide and available fresh in many local restaurants.

Scallop harvester ships (daggers) drag a tow bar attached to metal chain-link baskets along the sea floor to catch sea scallops. This dredge stirs up the scallops from the seabed, which then are scooped into the baskets.

The Bay of Fundy is divided into six Scallop Fishing Areas (plus a seventh area outside the bay) and three distinct fishing fleets. The “Full Bay” fleet consists of 99 large vessels, ranging in size from 45 to 65 feet (13.7 to 19.8 meters) and licensed to fish in the entire Bay of Fundy throughout the year. While the other two fleets require independent fish harvesters to own and operate vessels. You can see more detail at:

The Port of Digby is recognized internationally as Nova Scotia’s predominant working port in the Bay of Fundy Region. It is the Bay of Fundy’s most accessible, deep water, ice-free port. For more information, see their web page at: