I Love the Sound of Bagpipes

This a clip from the Annapolis Royal Nova Scotia Natal day parade that I did not get to post then.  I did not have video editing software on my laptop so I had to wait until I got home and could use the editing software on my desktop computer to reduce the the file size from 12 MB to 4.4 MB so it would be more suitable for a web page. At this point let me put in a plug for the “OpenShot Video Editor”.  It is totally free, open source, and works great for an armature like me. I am using it on Linux but it is also available for other OSs.

I just love the sound of bagpipes.  This is a local pipe and drum band that marched in the parade.  I apologize for the quality of the composition.  I was not quick enough to get to the front of the crowd so I mostly got the backs of the heads of the spectators.  But the sound is the important part.  Makes me want to dig out my old LP of the “Royal Scots Dragoons Guards”.  There is a pipe and drum band that will leave you in awe.  Only trouble, I don’t have a turntable anymore. I guess I will see if I can get the LP on line.

Here is a link to a youTube video of them doing Amazing Grace; it’ll send a shiver down your spine.