Is This News?

The shallowness of the television news media continues to amaze me.  The top story for the past couple of days has been debate on how politically correct President Trump was when talking to the mother of a fallen soldier.  And further, a debate on how many families of fallen soldiers that past presidents called.

Wild fires are raging in California, a child was killed by a hit and run driver, crazy people are killing innocent people all over the world; but all these stories are second string. The most important news is about politically correct speech.

Since he started running for office, the media will only report negative things about President Trump. They are so used to reporting on politicians who always say the correct thing, in the most un-offensive way, but actually do nothing constructive. They do not know how to report on a politician that does the opposite (genuinely tries to do what they were elected for, but are not the most elegant orators).

If you are a really lazy reporter, the easiest thing to do is to only attend press conferences and then report on the grimmer and politically correctness of the speaker. Where did all the journalists go who actually researched the background of a news story and reported on it in an unbiased way?