GMA Can Not Define a Lie

I am really getting tired of the news media advocating widespread lawlessness. Again this morning on Good Morning America the news anchors were decrying the inhumanity of the current policy of arresting illegal immigrants at the US border. This is all part of the Trump administration’s policy of zero tolerance on illegal immigration. The focus seems to be on the policy of separating children from their parents when the parents are arrested. Come on. No legal system in the US, or most other countries, arrests the children of felons when the felon is taken to jail. Anyone who advocates this is simply not thinking clearly. A parent who brings their child to a foreign county for the express purpose of breaking the laws of that country does not deserve to be treated as a responsible parent anyway.

The Good Morning America personalities went on to state categorically that the President lied when he said he did not make the immigration laws, he is enforcing the laws made by previous administrations. In the same breath the commentator said that this was a lie because the laws were in fact enacted by previous presidencies but those same previous administrations choose to ignore them. What? Please explain that logic to me. Ignoring the laws of the land makes them disappear from the law books? All the drug dealers will be happy to hear that fact.

The media is so biased that even when they report that the president is telling the truth they proclaim that it is proof that he is lying?