Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada

Took a walk around Digby yesterday just to enjoy the sunny day. Digby is a city in Nova Scotia established in 1783 by a group of United Empire Loyalists https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Empire_Loyalist. Have a look at the town’s web site for details. The history can be found here – https://www.digby.ca/town-history.html. See also the Wikipedia write up on the town ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digby,_Nova_Scotia

Digby bills itself as the “Scallop Capitol of the World”. Certainly the best tasting scallops are harvested by the Digby scallop fishing fleet. I always enjoy seeing the scallop boats tied up at the Digby wharf.

Digby Scallop Fleet-1 20190727
Digby Scallop Fleet-1 20190727
Digby Scallop Fleet-2 20190727
Digby Scallop Fleet-2 20190727
Digby Boaedwalk 20190727

A stroll along the boardwalk is a great pastime on a sunny afternoon.

Digby is also home to the Wharf Rat Rally on the first weekend of September each year http://www.wharfratrally.com/ which is the largest annual motorcycle rally in this part of Canada. https://partners.novascotia.com/sites/default/files/Karla%20Kelly%20image%20for%20Tourism%20NS%20event%20page%20Wharf%20Rat%20Rally.jpg

If you want to explore more of the Maritimes you can take the ferry Fundy Rose from Digby to New Brunswick https://www.ferries.ca/nb-ns-ferry/

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