Time to Flush

I built my cabin in Lake LaRose, Nova Scotia in 1975; the year my twins were born. Off and on, over the intervening years I have made gradual improvements to slowly upgrade it from “rustic camping” to relatively modern creature comforts. However, one constant in those 44 years has been the sanitary facilities, old faithful, the outhouse (privy, head, latrine, john, or whatever you want to call it).

Finally it is time to replace the old outhouse with a modern flush toilet. This summer I have saved up enough money to get a septic system installed. What with all the mindless government rules and regulations they are not cheap these days. I contacted http://www.robbiebent.com/ for the job. Robbie Bent is well respected in the area and I received good recommendations on his work before I contacted him. Earlier this summer they came and dug a test hole , did the design, and submitted all the paper work to the Provincial Department of Health (got to feed the bureaucracy and their paper mill) for their approval and issuance of the required permit. On September 10, 2019 they started the excavation. See the pictures below>

All done in less than 2 days. Now I just have to schedule a trip to Nova Scotia to do the hoop-up of the interior plumbing to the new septic system. Then, no more late night trips down the path to the outhouse. We can all flush to our heart’s content. I’ll miss the old outhouse; just a little.