Snapshot of "Stone Cold Country Review" Band

“Stone Cold Country Review” July 28, 2023

“Stone Cold Country Review” recorded live at Oconee Brewing Company is Greensboro Georgia on the evening of July 28, 2023. Featuring my friend Bill Cunningham on steel guitar.

Concert at Oconee Brewing Company 07282023

At about 6:50 pm I received a message from Bill Cunningham saying he was currently playing at Oconee Brewing Company in Greensboro Georgia and would be there until 10:00 pm. My friend Doug Nelson and and I decided to go and take in the show. The show started at 7:00 pm and ran until 10:00 pm. The video above is a collection of short clips from a few of the songs they performed.

Recorded on my iPhone 13 and edited with “Open Shot Video Editor” on desktop computer running Linux Mint 21.2 OS.

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