Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada

Took a walk around Digby yesterday just to enjoy the sunny day. Digby is a city in Nova Scotia established in 1783 by a group of United Empire Loyalists https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Empire_Loyalist. Have a look at the town’s web site for details. The history can be found here – https://www.digby.ca/town-history.html. See also the Wikipedia write up on the town ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digby,_Nova_Scotia

Digby bills itself as the “Scallop Capitol of the World”. Certainly the best tasting scallops are harvested by the Digby scallop fishing fleet. I always enjoy seeing the scallop boats tied up at the Digby wharf.

Digby Scallop Fleet-1 20190727
Digby Scallop Fleet-1 20190727
Digby Scallop Fleet-2 20190727
Digby Scallop Fleet-2 20190727
Digby Boaedwalk 20190727

A stroll along the boardwalk is a great pastime on a sunny afternoon.

Digby is also home to the Wharf Rat Rally on the first weekend of September each year http://www.wharfratrally.com/ which is the largest annual motorcycle rally in this part of Canada. https://partners.novascotia.com/sites/default/files/Karla%20Kelly%20image%20for%20Tourism%20NS%20event%20page%20Wharf%20Rat%20Rally.jpg

If you want to explore more of the Maritimes you can take the ferry Fundy Rose from Digby to New Brunswick https://www.ferries.ca/nb-ns-ferry/

Cabin Painted

As of last year my cabin in Lake La Rose, Nova Scotia had not been painted in over 30 years. It was looking pretty nasty.

Cabin in 2017

So last year Sean Moreside (Donna’s Nephew) and Dwight Moreside (Donna’s Brother) helped me paint it. However, we ran out of time and did not get the porch floor painted. This year I painted the porch and it makes the place look much better.

Just for grins, here is a video clip that I made in 2015 after I got the storage shed.

The Jimmy Flynn Comedy Show – Digby Arena – July 6, 2019

On July 5th-7th, 2019 Digby Nova Scotia presented the annual Lobster Bash. It is billed as a celebration to promote the Lobster Industry in South West Nova Scotia. http://lobsterbash.ca/. At 9:00 pm Donna and I attended one of the events, a comedy show by maritime comedian Jimmy Flynn. This post covers our impression of the show. You can read about Jimmy on his web site at – https://www.jimmyflynn.com/jimmy-flynn

Donna and I Waiting for the Show to Start

Before the show his wife was selling Jimmy Flynn merchandise. I just had to get a bobble-head doll. Jimmy offered to autograph it.

I just had to get a picture with Jimmy.

LeRoy Rice with Jimmy Flynn
LeRoy Rice with Jimmy Flynn

We had a really great time at the show and enjoyed his brand of humor; we laughed a lot. His show is billed a “adult entertainment” and it certainly is. Anyone who is offended by “off color” or “sexually explicit” humor should stay away. We were not offended

Blow is a clip of some of the cleanermaterial that I recorded from the show. It will give you a taste of his country style humor. I loved it

Clip from show in Digby Nova Scotia

He also sings. Here is a YouTube of one of his songs :- https://youtu.be/M6qxlYSzByk

Here is a YouTube video of one of his acts:- https://youtu.be/wqosshe2sOY

If The Jimmy Flynn Comedy Show comes to your area, go and see it, you will have fun.

Traffic, People Simply Don’t Understand

I went into Atlanta a couple of times last week. The first trip was to the Auto show at the Georgia World Congress Center. I drove to the nearest MARTA (subway/train) and caught a train downtown. A very pleasant ride. The next day my wife and I drove through Atlanta to visit our daughter. Traffic was terrible! The irony of the traffic situation in Atlanta became very clear. Everyone who has to drive in and around Atlanta complains endlessly about how bad the traffic is. They keep asking the Department of Transportation to build more roads, widen existing roads etc. While you are actually in that horrible traffic, hardly moving at all, you notice that you are surrounded by cars with one occupant and lots of tractor trailers. People will not car pool and they will not take public transit. Companies continue to ship freight all over the country by tractor trailer even though that is the most inefficient way to do it.

Seems that everywhere except Georgia, governments realizes that public transportation is essential to a well run city to both prevent traffic congestion and lower pollution. You could pave the whole state and still not have enough roads for all those single occupant cars. Asking for more roads is not the solution! Recently in the news, Gwinnette County held a referendum on extending Atlanta’s public transportation system (MARTA) into that county. As with all such referendums in the past, it failed. People in Georgia have always opposed public transportation. You can not have it both ways people! Where is the logic; you demand less traffic, but refuse to car pool or use public transit. You get to choose one or the other, not all of the above!

The number of tractor trailer that are clogging up our highways annoys me greatly. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates started investing in railroads a few years because they knew the reality. For moving freight, trains are hundreds of times more efficient than trucks. However most long haul freight goes by truck these days. This may be convenient but it is expensive and polluting. Freight moved between cities should be done by train, and trucks only used for local deliveries. We endure higher than necessary prices because companies will not ship goods by the most efficient means and we endure higher that required levels of traffic on our roads. A looser all the way around.

Bottom line, don’t complain about the traffic and then refuse to do the logical things to fix it.

I Hate Daylight Saving Time; Let’s Dump It

At least Donald Trump gets it, even if few other lawmakers do:


This bi-annual change in time keeping is annoying. DST was conceived in the late 1800 and implemented in the early 1900. It was a good idea then but the world has changed significantly in the last 100 years. DST is obsolete in this day and age, and annoying. Yet governments that can never agree on anything, can not agree to abandon it. Granted, in the scheme of the world today, this issue is pretty insignificant; but it is still annoying. To muddy the waters even more, the powers that be occasionally change the dates of implementation.

The title of the 1916 Act that implemented DST in the US says it all with regards to the stupidity of governments; “An Act To Preserve Daylight”. We all thought the earth’s orbit around the sun controlled daylight, but here is a government decree that says that a simple act of government can control it.

Perhaps there is hope yet:


Superbowl is Not a Game!

With a Superbowl game looming I must reflect again that this event is about as far from a sporting event as it could possibly be. Professional football today is big business, a media event, an entertainment extravaganza. The whole process is more akin to the production of a blockbuster movie (a work of fiction). There is nothing sporting or sports related about it, except for the fact that a ball is involved.

We have a bunch of over paid, over privileged actors (referred to as football players) who have publicly stated that they feel their most important roll is political activism and that being a football celebrity is simply a means to achieve that end. How can we call that sporting? And what are the big media stories surrounding the Superbowl; it is, who are the most politically correct entertainers to employ for the halftime show.

For us who live in the Atlanta area, the next biggest story is the unprecedented level of security that will surround “game” week. Atlanta will be an armed camp with security greater than a maximum security prison. I certainly understand that this level of security is necessary in today’s political environment. But it does underscore the fact that Superbowl is more like a rock concert than a sporting event.

Of course, after the event there will be lots of hype about which of the rich and famous people attended the event to be seen, as well as to see. Then again, the rich and famous people are the only ones who can afford the cost of attending.

I am all for calling things what they really are. Professional football is a group of commercial enterprises who are in the entertainment business (like movie studios). There is a single goal in any of the events; to make money, just like any other successful commercial enterprise. It is time to quit referring to Superbowl and other professional football events as games or sporting events.