The Jimmy Flynn Comedy Show – Digby Arena – July 6, 2019

On July 5th-7th, 2019 Digby Nova Scotia presented the annual Lobster Bash. It is billed as a celebration to promote the Lobster Industry in South West Nova Scotia. At 9:00 pm Donna and I attended one of the events, a comedy show by maritime comedian Jimmy Flynn. This post covers our impression of the show. You can read about Jimmy on his web site at –

Donna and I Waiting for the Show to Start

Before the show his wife was selling Jimmy Flynn merchandise. I just had to get a bobble-head doll. Jimmy offered to autograph it.

I just had to get a picture with Jimmy.

LeRoy Rice with Jimmy Flynn
LeRoy Rice with Jimmy Flynn

We had a really great time at the show and enjoyed his brand of humor; we laughed a lot. His show is billed a “adult entertainment” and it certainly is. Anyone who is offended by “off color” or “sexually explicit” humor should stay away. We were not offended

Blow is a clip of some of the cleanermaterial that I recorded from the show. It will give you a taste of his country style humor. I loved it

Clip from show in Digby Nova Scotia

He also sings. Here is a YouTube of one of his songs :-

Here is a YouTube video of one of his acts:-

If The Jimmy Flynn Comedy Show comes to your area, go and see it, you will have fun.